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Responsible for all aspects of manufacturing within the mixing area, and work in conjunction with the department to maintain a continuous flow of bulk material, work in coordination with supervision, to ensure all materials and equipment are readily available for all aspects of manufacturing in this area, continuously monitor the batches, and work orders to maintain material quality, and to conduct mixing procedures in a safe efficient manner in accordance with company standards.

  1. Operate mixer properly to produce quality batches in the expected time and to follow work orders through to ensure that the expected yields are within the acceptable range.
  2. Follow the correct procedures on work orders to ensure that the correct amount of raw material is used, each time, and the amount (with initials) is indicated on all work orders when they are added to the batch.
  3. Participate in the STOP safety program.
  4. Use communication as a tool to benefit the work environment in general.
  1. Set-up for the next batch while batches are in the mixing stage.
  2. Make sure all work orders and production reports are properly completed before turning them in to the lead person.
  3. Communicate verbally with next shift to make sure everyone is clear on where batches in mixers stand and complete the tie-in book, for written communication as to where all the mixers stand.
  4. If making vacuum bag, you must follow the correct procedures that are on the work order, ensuring that the temperature is monitored throughout the batch time, monitor the temperature at various stages. Once Q.C. has approved the batch then fill the trays accordingly, working with extrusion. If there is any question contact supervision.
  5. Make sure correct protective/safety equipment is working when performing day to day work assignment. You may encounter work that requires additional protective equipment, please contact supervision if you have any questions.
  1. Cleanliness of equipment, tools, and work areas are top priority.
  2. See that any spills are immediately cleaned up and reported to lead person/production supervisor.
  3. Make sure all safety equipment (such as fire extinguishers, etc.) is in place and ready for immediate use.
  4. Make sure you wear proper safety/protective equipment required for the department.
  5. Make sure all proper safety procedures are followed.
  6. You must report any unusual odors or sounds to supervision.
  7. When cleaning out a mixer it must be locked and tagged “out of service”, see supervision for procedures. 
  8. When pulling a sample for testing, you must turn mixer off. Then allow mixer blades to stop rotating.
  1. Report any malfunctions which may occur during the operation of your fork truck immediately.
  2. Visually inspect, looking for loose hoses, bolts, nuts, etc., and complete the checklist at the beginning of each shift.
  3. Check all lights, horn, and brakes to ensure they are operational.If there is a problem, you must report this to supervision immediately.
  4. Always honk your horn when entering/leaving a building, when going around corners, or when blind spots may occur.
  5. When operating a fork truck, be aware of what is happening around you at all times.
  6. Allow ample time for stopping during the operation; be aware that weather makes your distances change and floor surfaces slippery.
  7. Watch for pedestrians when operating a fork truck and drive at a safe rate of speed.
  1. Keep up with waste report.
  2. Use all idle time for and cleaning and assisting others
  3. If you have to leave your department for any reason, let your lead person know.
  4. Keep raw materials neat and orderly.
  5. Work with Q.C. to ensure all tests are done in reasonable time.

Required Experience

  1. Solid verbal and written communication skills.
  2. Must have the ability to lift 50 lbs. on a regular basis, approximately 60% of the day.  Must be able to stand 90% of the day.  Must be able to bend/stoop up to 30% of the day.
  3. Fork lift operation certification
  4. Other tasks as required to properly support manufacturing
  5. Basic math skills required
  6. Ability to read and understand English

Required Education

High School Diploma or equivalent
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